Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day, In and Around the Studio

My grandson Brandon labored today in the studio.  He knows how to handle an iron, thanks to his experience quilting last summer, and agreed to help me organized and iron the constant mountain of scraps in the studio.  Of course, he agreed knowing that I pay him well for his efforts

Like me, he is left-handed.  And like me, he handles the iron with both his right and left hand.  Behind the ironing board is one of the standing tables, and that's where he was organizing what he ironed.  Now it's my job to figure out how I want to store and use these scraps. 

We didn't finish today, so he will come back after school one day this week or next.

While he was ironing and sorting, I was able to finish basting my Night and Day quilt and even begin some preliminary quilting. 

Meanwhile, John is outside tending to his smoker.  It is loaded with a couple of pork shoulders


Cecilia said...

And, although Brandon is so sweet working up in the studio, I have to say that my favorite picture of the day is the one of John and his smoker!

Anonymous said...

I can tell just from looking at the photos that Brandon has an unusual talent for ironing and organizing colors. Aren't you the lucky one!

Great studio working shots. Looks like you have lots of natural light.

And, smokers! My grandfather used to do a lot of smoking. What's more autumnal than smoked anything? Yum. Woodsmoke and autumn...