Monday, September 20, 2010


Recently I told a friend I wasn't ready to blog about this quilt.  But since I've just taken the process pledge, I think I must.

I'm doing a color shift in my living room.  There's lots of purples and greens.  I'm recovering two chairs that were a cranberry/burgundy color.  Although I looked for fabrics in that color, we really feel in love with the texture of a fabric that is pretty scarlet, much brighter and redder than what I intended.  What an opportunity to create a new wall hanging and incorporate the purples and reds. 

Part Two of this process is my ongoing love affair with batiks, so many of which are in colors I love. 

Part Three?  Free Motion Quilting.  I want to quilt this piece horizontally as if there are bits of clouds in front of each of these moons.

Whoa - that's a pretty tall order!  I know where I want to go with this piece, and I have a couple of terrific scarletty reds for borders.  But I need to see the chairs in the house before I go any further. 

I tend to not name quilts, but two friends have suggested names.  One was "Moons Over China".  I thought "Over the Moons."  But friend Marge's suggestion of "Moonscapes" is the winner. 


debbi d-w said...

Loved seeing this in person at cmqg - hope to see you again. AND this lovely top with it's cloud quilting. . .

Josie Ray said...

It looks like a piece in a Museum of Modern Art.