Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grief Quilts - In Process

Joyce died too young after a 10 month battle with the very rare thymic cancer - she was only 62. Her daughters, her mother and her husband are grieving Joyce's death and working hard to celebrate her life and keep her spirit alive, especially for the sake of the young grandchildren. Joyce's family gave me her golf shirts and golf caps as the basis for 4 wall hangings. The caps had to be deconstructed, and the shirts were cut into 6.5" squares. The logos from the caps were sewn onto these squares. In this first picture the squares are ready for assembly

This second picture shows the blocks as they are pieced together. The pattern is a random one with a preponderance of lighter fabrics, a couple of odd-sized pieces, and a few dark patches

Each family member chose cottons for the borders of these squares. Joyce's husband chose a beautiful blue/green batik and a navy solid to frame the fabrics of her life. These borders will give the random pattern of blocks a sense of unity and a color theme.

This last and smaller wall hanging is for Joyce's mother. The borders have been added, and this piece is now ready for backing/batting and quilting. A sleeve for hanging will be a part of each backing.

Grieving is so hard, and I'm impressed that Joyce's family has found this pathway for their grief. While this project is a sad one to work on, I recognize that what I'm doing is of great value. These wall hangings will be just one more way to keep Joyce and her spirit close to their hearts. Grief quilts are a misnomer. These are life's celebration quilts.

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