Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stephen Sondheim and Me...

I love the music and lyrics of Stephen Sondheim. My favorite musical of his is Sunday in the Park with George, a beautiful view on the life of an artist. The lyrics of one song: Work is what you do for others, art is what you do for you. This week I finished my work, the series of grief quilts. And I let the art begin!  My Moonscapes is in process.  While the body is complete, the borders are not.  There are a couple of vivid reds on the sides, there's a toned-down murky red on the bottom, and I'm also considering adding a series of borders, using something yellowish and bright to frame the body before going into the red/s.  Notice the spools of threads - I'm trying to decide what color I want use to quilt the moons.  All of this will just remain on the studio floor and percolate as I wait for my chairs to be upholstered.  Since this piece will hang above the chairs, it's crucial to make sure the borders - whatever they are -go with these chairs.

Next, an envelope bag from Jinny Beyer. I'll admit I bought this kit mostly for the directions, but I do like these fabrics. It's a birthday present for buddy Marge. It was quick and fun, starting with an 18" quilted square. There was more handwork than I care for; however, I'm pleased with the results and will try this again. I want to look for cording and magnetic closures I can use for future projects, including something for a black envelope bag.
The odd thing about this envelope bag is that it has a front (with the metallic button), a back (with the stone button), and a nice middle pocket - you can see an envelope sticking out of the middle pocket.

Another Jinny Beyer project that I've been wanting to do is her Mini Palette, but as usual I've been reluctant to spend the money on the kit. Her website has made the swatches for this kit available - 150 swatches precut 1.25" x 3.5". Yesterday I assembled these three columns with some intense assembly-line sewing, used black for the sashing, and a wonderful blue-green Handspray for the outer border. I love how this piece looks. It's going to hang in my studio when it's finished. Jinny Beyer's sense of color and light is represented by the range of these fabrics, and this mini-palette glows. Which brings me back to Sondheim and Sunday in the Park with George in which the artist George Seurat sings about art in terms of color and light as he "finishes the hat." This palette gives form to color and light.


Doug said...

nice wall piece!

Josie Ray said...

I love what you're doing with the Moonscapes borders. That red on the upper left simply has to be in there. Moonscapes has an intriguing mix of playfulness and timelessness, doesn't it? And at first glance, I thought those thread spools were embellishments...grin.

The Jinny Beyer bag is simply sexy. No other word for it. In design and color.

No need to say that the Mini Palette is stunning. So JB! You have so many good things going on right now. Stephen Sondheim clearly brings out your best. :-)