Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Control in the Studio

There are several reasons why I quilt, chief among them color and design.  But control certainly enters into it.  There are parts of life, especially in my life at this point, that I have no control of.  To balance these uncertainties, I create and sew.  Touching, ironing, cutting, sewing, quilting - all are familiar steps I can use with new colors and designs.  And the process is soothing and satisfying, especially when there are finished products.  Here are two more Jinny Beyer Envelope Purses - 9" x 7".  The handwork is getting easier, and each time I do this pattern I learn something new.  Christmas presents?  Perhaps.  All I know is that I need to be doing these right now.

Oh, I forgot.  A part of our living room ceiling fell today - we now have a lovely 6' by 3' problem area - I mean decorating opportunity. 

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