Monday, October 18, 2010

It's All Relative

Sheila Juchcinski Hughes is a woman I taught with at Kennedy, and she started me in the direction of life celebration quilts.  When her mother (who was younger than me) died, Sheila asked if I would put her t-shirts and sweatshirts into a quilt.  See this former blog entry.  There was also a baby quilt made from Sheila's mom's pajamma bottoms - that was for the first Juchcinski grandchild, and that was almost 10 years ago.  Now there are 7 grandchildren! A few years later Sheila's sister Bridgette asked me to make additional quilts from the clothing.

Now Sheila has married and has a daughter.  She's been collecting clothes from relatives to make a "big girl" quilt for daughter and a sofa throw for her mother-in-law.  Ella's quilt has clothes from her aunts/uncles, cousins, grandparents - and of course her mom and dad.  Mrs. Hughes's quilt is similar but includes baby clothes that are so small they had to be pieced together to make a usable block.  Ella's quilt will have some purples, and Mrs. Hughes's will use blues.

This idea is a brilliant one.  Even though I have a couple of commission in queue, Sheila's have leaped to the front of the line because I feel such a connection with her family.  The remaining pictures just show the variety of blocks.  Sheila's sister-in-law wrote a little note for the four pieces of clothing she sent.  I scanned these notes onto an iron-on transfer so that these notes are a part of the quilt.  The original notes I'm putting into the pocket of Sheila's father's denim workshirt.

This little romper was so small I had to enlarge it with some of my fabrics. What's on the bottom is a piece of Ella's christening sweater.
And this block is special because it incorporate something from both of Ella's parents. These finished projects will be so meaningful.

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