Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quilting - It's All About the Texture

 Good blogger friend Josie Ray created this Miss Rumphius quilt for her mother.  They knew they wanted it tied but just haven't gotten around to it.  So they commissioned me to do the tying.   Half the battle of tying a quilt is having the table(s) to do it on.  My two standing tables placed end to end are the perfect place. Miss Rumphius was very content in my studio, and slowly but surely - after four very scattered hours - all the tying was complete.  Quilting is so much more about the three layers; it's really about how these three layers attached to one another.  Tying or quilting is what gives the quilt its texture and dimension.  This quilt feels as light as it looks!  While I do love a quilt that is machine quilted, some of my favorite older quilts are ones that I have tied (most of the Trips Around The World) using a polyester batting.  They have worn well over the years. And Miss Rumphius is going to be happy for many many years!


Anonymous said...

Donna, that looks beautiful! I didn't know Miss Rumphius was so famous as to be featured on Quilting Studio Adventures. There will be no living with her!

Anonymous said...

The literary Miss Rumphius did travel the world quite a bit before settling down into her cottage by the sea, so this is apropos.