Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good Grief - for Joyce Rainbolt

The quilted wall hangings for Joyce Rainbolt's family are complete.  Joyce died in March after a 10-month struggle with thymic cancer.  Her enthusiasm for life is evident through her clothes and caps.  She was a golfer and a sports enthusiastic.  She was Bill's wife for almost 40 years.  This one is Bill's.

Joyce was a daughter.  This wall hanging is for her mother.

Joyce was the mom of Jeri and Jill.  This quilt is Jeri's.  Both Jeri and Jill have small children.  Above all, Joyce was a grandmother and passionate about her grandchildren.

This last wall hanging is Jill's.  She was the one who contacted me about using her mom's clothes for wall hangings.  Jill's birthday is this week.  It touched me immensely to hear her say getting this wall hanging is like getting a birthday present from her mother.

This family knows how important it is, especially with small children, to keep talking about Grandma Joyce.  This way,  she can continue to be present in their lives.

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Anonymous said...

Those are so special. I love the pastels and logos.