Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mini Palette

Is this fabulous?  Or is this fabulous?  I think it's fabulous.  Look at the luminosity in this piece!  I intended this to be a vertical wall hanging for my studio - what a great lesson it is in the color wheel and values.  But when I showed this to Janet, my ortho-bionomy massage therapist, she immediately saw it as a horizontal wall hanging for above her Prairie-style headboard.  So a picture of this piece in situ will follow at some point.  It is 22" x 48".

One of the reasons I wanted to make this Jinny Beyer pattern is because my sense of color is emerging.  While I'm getting better, I truly do have to refer to the color wheel hanging in my studio.  The Jinny Beyer Studio sells these little pre-cut fabrics - there are 150 in the above wall hanging - for $12.50 each.  Each swatch is 1.25" by 3.5".  And I have just ordered three more sets of these swatches.  I'm eager to work with these fabrics again and perhaps experiment with different borders and bindings.

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