Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Day Without Sunshine

Actually it was two days without electricity.  And of course I had Monday and Tuesday blocked off for some major sewing and organization.  And - of course - I don't have a treadle sewing machine or a generator.  After some major panicking about what I couldn't get done and using my brother's network while visiting my parents, I calmed down.  Considering how electricity-dependent we are, John and I survived fairly well, thanks to our e-readers and a break in the hot weather.

Grandson Brandon came over both yesterday and today and continued folding/organizing fabrics to earn money for his Boy Scout camping expedition next week.  I don't think we're finished, but these shelves are a vast improvement.  We still have a couple of shelves to finish, including the one with the really big pieces of fabric in the upper right corner. 

While Brandon was working on the fabrics, I finished piecing the quilt top for my cousin's daughter's wedding.  It's going to be 72" x 96".  And the backing is pieced from leftover from the front.

The beginning of the week with the power outage was frustrating.  It's good  to be back on track and ready for the busy weekend. 


Michelle said...

Love your studio! One day I'll have one!!

Z Any Mouse said...

Could you send Brandon over here to organize my fabric for me after you're done with him? It's only about 2,000 miles away. Thanks.