Sunday, July 3, 2011

For Nancy with the Pretty Feet

My friend Nancy is on her way to Telluride where her grandson is getting married.  After the wedding all guests will walk a path to a gondola which will take them to the top of the mountain, where the reception will be.  And guests have been told to bring comfortable shoes for this walk.  I asked Nancy if she had an appropriate bag to carry her shoes, and she didn't.  So we matched this fabric to her outfit, and I made a Mors Bag.

Nancy is a small woman and this bag is only for her shoes, although I did insert a little interior pocket in the lining, just big enough for Kleenex and lipstick.
My husband met Nancy a few summers ago at a garden party. Later John referred to her as Nancy with the Pretty Feet. And so she remains.
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Emily said...

By the title of this post I was sure you were talking about my favorite sewing machine. Nancy... she has lots of pretty feet too (and tension issues at the moment - she's fickle these days)! lol. Lovely bag!