Friday, July 1, 2011


I'm ready to start a quilt top that must be pieced by the 15th.  The palette is neutrals and a few blues.   And the recipient is traditional.  So I'm thinking.  And thinking.  I'm thinking a disappearing 4-patch might be fun and still give me the traditional look I'm going for.  But I'm still thinking.

Thursday was the deadline for my guild's informal mug rug exchange. Eileen and I swapped in person. What I love about Eileen's mug rug is the zig zag design, the neutral border, the bright binding, and the colorful backing. What I love about the one Elaine made for me is that it's her interpretation of Trip Around the World. I was so touched that she went to my blog to see what designs and colors I like! What a lovely gesture. And I love her "modern" spin on the design. This mug rug swap was great fun. A big thanks to Ebony Love for organizing it!

In addition to starting the neutral/blues quilt, I need to focus on my fabric shelves. Erika Sews recently linked to a fabric organizing tip, and I gave it a try. I LOVE THIS TECHNIQUE! I'm using a 12" ruler for larger pieces and a 6.5" ruler for pieces of fabric less than a yard. Look at the difference on the two shelves above.

Grandson Brandon is coming over Tuesday morning to begin the rest of the shelves. Look for more "before" and "afters."


Carol G said...

Love the fabric organizing technique. Needed at my house :-)

emedoodle said...

Awesome mug rugs! I'll have to go check out that folding tip... since my fabric is all in small cuts I might have to make a 6" variation!