Sunday, July 10, 2011

Making Progress

This quilt has 18 rows.  Each row has 15 pieces.  Each row has a grouting row in between.  So that's - well, you do the math and figure out how many pieces.  A lot.  This quilt top is now in 6 pieces.  More importantly, I've made some decisions about the borders.

Once the sides and top/bottom have a row of grouting, I will add an inner border of this stony granite light fabric and then an outer border of a blue stone/brickish fabric.To the left of the quilt are some strips of bricks that will be a part of the backing.  Since this is a wedding present I keep think about brick walls and marriage.  However, no great analogies are coming to mind.  I may have to give up on writing a meaningful note to accompany this quilt...

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