Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Process Post

Do you know about the "Process Pledge"?   Modern Quilt Blogger rOssie Hutchinson started a movement four years ago insisting that the process of quilting was just as important to blogging as the finished projects are.  I love rOssie's sensibility.  (Next fall I am going to Camp Stitchalot and rOssie is one of the hostesses - can't wait to meet her...)  So today's post is a process post.  There are now a total of 80  6" blocks - this is quite different from yesterday's post.  To make a 60" x 72" napping quilt I need 40 more blocks.  Here are my observations about what's on my design wall:

  • I think I might have two separate quilts going on here.  I love the dark blocks, and I love the light blocks but...
  • I like the little pops of color, but the two big color blocks dominate - I think I want to get rid of them
  • My favorite blocks are the ones without color.  Perhaps those should be the ones I pull.
  • The layout is pretty obvious.  I hope random is a direction I can head in.   
  • There are a couple of blocks that I love which I want to take out of this quilt and work into a different quilt.
  • I love having a design wall.  And time to play. 

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