Friday, April 25, 2014

On Hand Work

 My Chicago Modern Quilt Guild friend Mimi has taught me something valuable - the importance of quilting by hand.  I used to make fun of Mimi when she was dragging the same quilt to guild meetings and plugging away at it.  By hand.  My approach to quilting was "assembly line" piecing followed by some sort of utilitarian quilting.  But then Mimi shared this YouTube clip by Renate Hiller - it's not very long and so worth watching.  As I have spent time sitting with my parents, I have been trying to do hand work.  After piecing this little 14" x 17" improv piece, I have been hand quilting it and am pleased with the texture the quilting has added.  Now that it's almost complete, I need another "hand" something to do while I'm with my parents.  So now I am going to try hand-piecing and so how that goes.  And I'm going to keep it simple - a basic 9-patch in reds, whites, and blues using 3.5" blocks.  So far I have two completed blocks that are 9.5" x 9.5".  My blues are in short supply... Wait, I have tons of greys.  I think I'll switch over to reds, whites, and greys!  Excellent!
Sometimes I love blogging because of the insights I get, like just now! 

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Anonymous said...

Love it! And I love the insights I get from reading your blog. Like the thought of doing something improv AND small. Hmmm...