Thursday, April 3, 2014

Zipper Gift

At our last Chicago Modern Quilt Guild retreat in Racine, buddy Ebony Love gave me a special zipper.  It's purple with black and white teeth.  Wow!  I love it!  What an great reason to make a new Aeroplane Bag.  Sara L has asked if I will do both the larger and smaller Aeroplanes for her in her new line of  Jungle Fabrics for Quilt Market in May.  But I have always had a bit of trouble with the zipper on this bag.  So my goal is to get this bag all ready - black bottom, black-white stripe body, purple handles, grey lining, and two fabulous purple fat quarters (incidentally, from Ebony as well) for the pockets.  When Sara says my two kits are ready, I will drive to her house on the North Side and get a zipper lesson from the master.  Meanwhile, here are the new arrangements on the design wall:
Neutral blocks - I love this

Higher volume (and I don't like this as well...)


Sarah said...

I like the random from the other day. Maybe there are just a few colors you need to leave out to be satisfied.
And when you learn how to do the zipper let me know, I might make the bag again.

Jennifer Lowe said...

Wow, if YOU have trouble with this zipper, it must be a challenge. I loved seeing everyone's bags from the workshop, though! So inspiring!