Monday, April 4, 2016

Work vs Art vs Play

"Work is what you do for others - art is what you do for you."  I love these words of Stephen Sondheim from his musical Sunday in the Park with George.  For today I am changing the word ART to PLAY.  And here's what I've been playing with today.  I have cut into my last yardage of Art Gallery Fabric's Hello, Bear line by designer Bonnie Christine.  Last week I gave my good friend the Sloan Travel Bag made from this fabric, but I need to make another one for myself - and one for another  good friend who just had a birthday.

After two days of "play" I have all the bag parts prepped for sewing.  What you see above?  Exterior pieces, interior pieces, pockets (there are SEVEN with each bag, pocket flaps, zippers - 4 for each bag, magnets, d-rings - ok, ok, you get the idea. 
The interior of these bags is another Art Gallery Fabric - all cotton but with a nice "slidey" feel - from Pat Bravo's Floral Elements collection.   The lighter grey is the interior of a rather large inside pocket.
Because I had a fixed amount of the feature fabric, I had to get creative with the straps and bottom of the bag.  It's hard to tell from these photos, but the stripes on this dark fabric are wonky and match the feel of this feature fabric.

Making purses and bags is like solving puzzles in 3-D, a task which for me isn't work - it's just wonderful play. 

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