Friday, December 2, 2016

Piece Peace

I wish I could take credit for "Peace Piece", but it's actually the name of a Bill Evans piece.  I am at peace with this quilt.  My college roommate has been on my mind - Dodie died almost 10 years ago.  I know I am making a quilt for her daughter.  It might be this one - or the next one.  The gentleness of these fabrics touch me.  And this quilt is another incredibly soft one. I used a layer cake and a jelly roll from the Janet Clare Wordsmith line.  There were some leftovers, and I used them for the quilt backing, along with various little bits from my stash.  The quilting is simple and is in keeping with the softness of the quilt.

There a lot of rolling and re-rolling to get the quilting done.

Lots of safety pins and quilt wrestling.  But oh such satisfying results!

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