Thursday, December 8, 2016

My biggest quilt ever!

 It's 120" x 120".  And it's beautiful.  It is waiting for its ride to Perth, Australia with Kimmie Dieball Newman and her husband Keith.  This is their wedding quilt - they were married in Chicago in the fall of 2015.  Kim's dad and I were at Farragut together in the 70's and then were both transferred to Englewood High School in 1981.  Ed eventually went to King HS and Dyett Upper Grade School/High School.  I then went to Hyde Park HS and ultimately to Kennedy HS.  At this time Ed and his wife Marge had babies - Patricia (she of the Hungry Caterpillar quilt), Kimberly, and Thomas.  I have known these three since they were babies.  And now?  They are all starting their own families! 
 Kimmie has a degree in Art History.  The colors of this quilt appealed to her, and so I finished it for her to accommodate her big husband and their big California king bed.  More than ever, I am indebted to my long armers, Frank and Terri Karls of T and F Quilting.  Wrangling a quilt of this size requires special skill!  The color bars are from Jinny Beyer's Spectrum quilt kit. 
 I asked Terri and Frank for an open quilting design to keep this quilt as light and airy as possible.  And I like this "basket weave" effect.  I imagine this quilt will last a long, long time.
The back is snow white, just like the borders of the front.
Meanwhile, I did some organizing and sorting in the studio.  This is the neatest these shelves have been in several years.  There is one completed quilt in there - it's waiting for its owner. 

This trio of Mors bags went to John and Juanita Tilgner as a hostess gift. 

These two?  I was at the dentist today, and I will admit that I love him - what a nice young man.  He's always appreciative of little gifts and was happy to receive these.  Time to make some more!

Big quilts.  Small bags.  All are important!

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Jocelyn Thurston said...

This quilt is a real beauty. The spectrum of colours is so pretty and like a rainbow. I'm sure it will be well loved.