Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Upstairs, Downstairs - Part 2

The Glam Clam quilt top from peppered shot cottons - the one I started piecing by hand in September  - is ready for basting and hand sashiko quilting.  I just finished piecing this last night, and I hope to be able to start quilting it tonight.  Perfect quilting weather - lowest temps of the season.  I love our 1908 stucco bungalow, but it is cold cold cold in this house.  My studio has is own mechanicals, but that doesn't do much good in the evenings.  Quilting by hand?  Ah, that's the trick.

Below is the wool batting and the backing.  As soon as I get it measured, I am going to wash it.  These peppered cottons are so soft, and this Studio E wide backing will match in texture nicely.

Meanwhile, I have finished piecing this top. During the process I fell out of love with fabrics. Maybe as I quilt this, I will redevelop a fondness for them again. I thought putting these 5" charms on a navy background would calm these modern prints down.  For the December Chicago Modern Quilt Guild holiday swap I made a basket out of 2.5" charms and liked it much more than I thought I would.  See below.  Purses?  Soon.  My goal is to do at least 12 by the February 1 SewPowerful.Org deadline, but I have a feeling it will be more since I already have 7 of them completed. 
I'm using up the various leftovers, including anything remotely navy blue from my stash, on the back.

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Jennifer Lowe said...

Donna, I LOVE your glam clam quilt! Now I want to make one.
Merry Christmas!