Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back to some Mors Bags

A cousin of John's is hooking me up with a box of fabrics.  The least I can do for Sharon is to make for her and the fabric donor some Mors bags.  Using a tip from my quilter buddy Wayne, I actually used cotton mesh handles instead of making my own handles out of fabric and batting.  Talk about a time saver!  (If you're wondering why the handles are different lengths, so I am.  I must have cut one pair 28" instead of 18". )

 And since I'm at a welcome standstill with the quilts from Bradley's shirts, I began a T-Shirt Quilt project, using 18 t-shirts from an atheletic young man who graduated from York High School.  This project also has a Christmas deadline.  It's nice to feel like things are under control.  And to perhaps even think about making Mors bags for Christmas presents!

1 comment:

Josie Ray said...

Pretty, pretty fabrics on those Mors bags. I can't decide if I prefer the mesh handles to the fabric. Looks a bit more commercial, has a cooler "hand," easier for construction, doubtless. A good idea, whatever.