Tuesday, November 23, 2010

From Deconsruction to Construction

What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday morning these two quilts were in 120 pieces.  Today one quilt (56 blocks plus 4 border strips) is ready to be quilted - the backing fabrics for both quilts have been washed and are now being dried.  The other quilt is in 11 pieces - 7 rows plus 4 border strips. So the next step will be to sew these 7 rows together and add the borders.  The missing column to the left?  On the ironing board...

Quilting is all about sewing through layers.  And it's crucial to keep the bulk at seams reduced as much as possible.  For every seam sewn, the trusty iron is sure to follow.  A general rule is to press seams open whenever possible.  And this is easier than it sounds - just keep the tip on the iron in the seam and the fabrics almost automatically fall open.

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Josie Ray said...

These are elegant. Which is saying much when one has to work with such a limited palette as a man's conservative wardrobe. Your friend is nice, smells good, AND is tasteful. :-)