Friday, November 5, 2010

Three Finished Projects

Time to reorganize and take a deep breath.  This first quilt is one made by blogger friend Josie - I just tied it.  Tying makes for a very soft airy comfortable quilt.  It's in the mail back to its home in Maryland.

This quilt is one of two for former Kennedy colleague Sheila.  Sheila was the first person I ever did a memory quilt for under the saddest of circumstances.  She chose to do a couple of "living" quilts from relatives' clothing for her daughter and for her mother-in-law.  The blue one is for Mrs. Hughes and contains baby clothes from her grandchildren and shirts from her sons.

  This last quilt is for Sheila's daughter Ella.  Ella is a toddler, and when she moves to her first big girl bed, this will be her quilt.  It's full of memories from both her parents, her cousins, her aunts and uncles, and her grandparents.  One of Ella's aunts wrote a little note about the clothing she was sending - these notes have been transferred onto the clothes with the originals tucked into the pocket of her grandfather's workshirt.  What a great idea this quilt is. .

When I return from the Jazz Cruise, I will work on three quilts with Christmas deadlines - 2 memory quilts from the shirts of Bradley and a t-shirt quilt from a young man who graduated from York High School. And I'm sure on the cruise I will doodle out a list of all the things I need to finish and quilts/purses I want to do. It's nice to have this break.


Unknown said...

Tying a quilt? How is it done? Is it like having knots at regular intervals?

Happy Journey!!! Do share the pics from your trip! :)

Donna said...

Arathi, knotting at regular intervals is exactly what tying is. Embroidery floss and surgeon's knots! It's a good way to get all three layers to stay together and has a very "homespun" look.