Sunday, November 21, 2010

Deconstructing Men's Shirts - Part 2

After looking at a tentative layout of the 9" blocks from Bradley's shirts, Christopher came over this morning and worked on the layout of his mother's and sister's quilts.  These quilts will be Christmas presents and a way for the LaGrand family to mourn Bradley's death and still celebrate Christmas. Christopher is good with layouts.  In less than two hours and using one additional shirt, he created two distinct layouts.  The one to the left is for his mother.  The second one is for his sister. Both quilts will have a narrow navy border and will be backed with a dark blue fabric. 

It's always easier to work on commissioned quilts when I know I'm doing exactly what is wanted.  From a design viewpoint, the morning with Christopher was invaluable.  From a grief viewpoint, I think Chris did some important work for his mother and his sister.  As for me, I like working with Christopher because he's nice and he smells good!

These projects will be the focus of my work this week.  And I'm eager to get both these quilts together!

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Unknown said...

I know this was done several years ago but I was wondering if you every came up with any ideas for the cuffs. I have thought too that it was a shame to waste them on shirt quilts I've made.