Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finishing the ...

I've talked about Stephen Sondheim and his lyrics before.  I have to go back to Sunday in the Park with George but this time to the lyrics of the song Finishing the Hat.    In this musical the French Impressionist artist George Seurat is working on his large painting "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" but his girl friend Dot want to go out. He just can't tear himself away from his work.   The fictional Seurat sings "more red, more blue blue blue - finishing the hat."  We've leaving town for a week, and I'm frantic to "finish my hats."  Only it's quilts - and purses.

The quilts for Sheila are finished.  I'm hoping to photo and blog about them before Saturday.  The shirts to the left all belong to Bradley - they were given to me by his brother Christopher and will be quilts for Bradley's mother and sister.

And there are always the purses.  Finishing the purse.  And starting a new one.  And finishing that one.  And on to the next one...

Update 11/4/10 Gave my sister Paula a purse fashion show this morning and she chose this one. Perfect! Happy Be-earlied Birthday!

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