Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday the 13th

No unlucky ladders or cats in the studio - just four very happy kids.  Here's Anna Best working on her quilt, backing, and it was her birthday today!
Anna and Natalie  are working on Flying Geese quilts. Here's Natalie's quilt top ready for some side borders.

And this is Natalie taking a break from working!

Anna and Natalie finished their tops and backs and layered them with their batting. After making the "quilt sandwiches," they then trimmed everything even with the actual quilt top. David and I are working with one of our best friends, Mr. Seam Ripper.

David was hard at work connecting his Bear's Paws blocks, a very intricate block for a first-time quilter. Julie Best was perfect at supervising this tricky and difficult step of joining all the block pieces. 

Rebecca finished her pillow project - she chose the fabrics, pieced some of the blocks by hand, and supervised as her mom joined the four-patches by machine.  She was the envy of all in the studio because she actually left with a finished project.  Natalie, David, and Anna will know this feeling when they leave here Monday.  Stay tuned for their finished projects!


Carol G said...

You must be a born teacher! Your students look so happy.

emedoodle said...

Awesome!! :) Great work guys!