Monday, May 9, 2011

The Good Quilting Fairy - Who Also Happens to Make Purses

Donna, the Good Quilting Fairy of the Western Suburbs, has been busy.  Of her current three junior high students, one of them chose Bear's Paw.  Donna underestimated the difficulty of this pattern for the first-time quilting.  She has had to play the Good Quilting Fairy so that David can experience some success with this project.  Lots of trimming and truing up, but it's now ready for him to assembly-line construct these six blocks.  Sister Natalie and Anna Best are doing Flying Geese - both girls will be over shortly to assemble their quilts - their homework was to make blocks of their geese.  And today we will connect their blocks with sashing strips.

Once my fairy work was under control, I tried a new purse pattern.  With the exception of a too long strap, this hobo bag turned out nicely.  I'm especially pleased with the free-motion quilting on both the purse body and the contrasting band.  In preparation for our trip at the end of the month to parks of the West, I made a pocket for my iPad on one side of the lining.

I again used Soft n Stable by and am crazy about this product for purse/bag construction.

This bag is 18" across and 20" deep.

This last picture shows the bag in relation to the iPad.


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Z Any Mouse said...

I love the fabric you chose for the bag. Really pretty! A couple of days ago I was in JoAnn's and a woman walked up to me and said "Nice bag, are you a quilter?" Lol, that made me feel so good for some reason.