Thursday, May 19, 2011

Promotions...and demotions

I'm proud to announce the addition of three new Quilters to the Quilting World - Natalie, David, and Anna - and Quilting Apprentice Rebecca. Here they are with their first quilts, and I am pronouncing them spectacular. But I did make an error with their ages and must do a little demoting. David, while eager to be in junior high, will actually be a fifth grader in the fall. Natalie and Anna will both be in junior high in the fall, as soon as they finish 6th grade this month.  I'm truly amazed at how terrific their quilts are!

Here is David's Bear Paw Quilt, a very tricky undertaking.  I'm proud of him for his vision and his execution.

Anna is working on tying her quilt with embroidery floss, and Rebecca is picking through the scrap basket.

Natalie is working at my machine quilting the edges of her quilt.  Not only did both Anna and Natalie piece their quilt tops, they both did machine quilting, too. 

Good Quilting Fairies come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. And moms often make good ones. Here's Natalie, David, and Rebecca's mom working with David on tying his quilt top.

Natalie's "Flying Geese" Quilt.

Didn't they just do the best job on these quilts?
Anna's "Flying Geese" Quilt.

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Carol G said...

Bravo to teachers, students and Good Fairies all! Beautiful work.

emedoodle said...

Wow! Nice work!!! And those flying geese are perfection! :) I don't think my points are that pointy! :)

LoveBug Studios said...

Those are really quite remarkable! I love the vision & eye for color that these kids have. :)