Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Those Pesky Scraps

This is an ideal time to clean the studio - we're leaving town Friday, my good machine is still at the spa, the lessons with the kids wrap up tomorrow, my graduation quilts are completed.  But could I clean?  No.  I had to use up the scraps from the last few projects.  The bag on the left - the scraps were foundation pieced onto leftover Warm N Natural batting, and the bottom is boxed.  The bag on the right is just a plain old Mors bag.  Now that these scraps have been used, perhaps tomorrow I can actually vacuum.

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emedoodle said...

hehe. Scraps keep me from cleaning my sewing room too. But i'm almost to the point where I HAVE to pack it all up for the move. I'm trying to avoid it though... It might be the last to get done.

Carol G said...

I think you need an Etsy store! I really like the one you made with the baby quilt scraps.

LoveBug Studios said...

I love them both!