Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over!

With wooden spoons!

My cousin Jerry White finds joy in his family, his mechanical engineering work, and his woodworking.  In February I sent him one of my casserole carriers and asked if he would make spoons for future projects.  He agreed.

Look at these!  They are beautiful!

Jerry's daughter Erin is getting married this summer.  Seems like one of these carriers might be an appropriate shower present! 

Thank you, Jerry - these are fabulous and nicer than anything I could have bought!


Doug said...

wow....nice work, from both sides!

D'Anne said...

Wow!! These are stunning. How lucky these recipients will be.

free indeed said...

Wow! THose are great and will look fantastic attatched to a casserole carrier. Wish I was on your Christmas list this year :)

Z Any Mouse said...

Those spoons are amazing! Beautiful workmanship, and they look especially nice against that very pretty table runner.

Carol G said...

Ditto on the table runner backdrop! Great spoons and I love the little round boxes too.