Monday, May 16, 2011

Sneak Peak

These are the various pieces to David's Bear Paw Quilt. David and Anna just left here - Natalie wasn't feeling well today. And in the hurry of getting things done, the kids left before we could take pictures. So they will come back within the next few days and we'll officially wrap things up. (I thought David was nuts for choosing the fabric for his border, but isn't it stunning? I also thought the kids were junior high-ers. They aren't - David is 9, and both Anna and Natalie are going into 7th grade this fall.)


Carol G said...

Wow, something he can truly be proud of. Are you also going to teach them how to quilt their tops?

Donna said...

All three quilts were quick-turned, and then Anna sewed around her quilt twice using my machine and the walking foot. I'll have Natalie do the same thing. The one thing left we need to do is tie with embroidery floss. David's had Warm and Natural batting, and he'll only need 6 ties. The girls batted their with Mountain Mist so they'll do a lot more ties.

LoveBug Studios said...

That is really incredible looking! Leave it to children to show us how to be free with color. :)