Friday, January 29, 2016

For Julie

One half of this 98" x 114" quilt
Julie is the middle of my stepchildren, the older of the two girls. She just turned 50, has made some serious life changes, and works very hard. She was out of town a few months ago, and I slept at her house so that hs junior Brandon wouldn't be alone. And I discovered the quilt I made her over 10 years ago was shredding. She was too busy to get involved with selecting fabrics for a new quilt, so I chose for her - a lovely gold, a rich Merlot, and a floral batik. The night I showed her these fabrics for her approval, she was wearing very similar colors.  I've been lukewarm about this quilt, but what changed it all was the quilting.  Terri and Frank of T and F Quilting in Lemont are my long-arm quilters, and I love them.  Terri chose the gold thread, and I asked for a wool batting and this lovely basket weave pantograph.  Frank's tension is always perfect, and the dimension the quilting added was just what this quilt needed.  A word about the back:  I thought of using browns from my stash for the backing, and Julie loved that idea and that this quilt will be reversible. 
 My hope is that this quilt conveys to Julie how much she is loved and how proud her dad and I are of her. 

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Jennifer Lowe said...

Donna, this is beautiful! I am sure Julie already knows how much she is loved and appreciated but this will be a wonderful icing on that cake!