Saturday, January 23, 2016

Two-Week Old To-Do List: a picture-heavy post

One of the many perks of finishing a big quilt, like "My Answer is Yes," is the freedom to work on lots and lots of smaller projects.  This list was made on January 7th in preparation for a sewing weekend.  In high school I had a job in which I was paid by the amount I did - I made minimum wage while my friend Cathy made three times what I did because she was so fast.  Good thing my quilting is not based on speed!

Two more Sew Powerful purses

These nine went in the mail for the 2/1/2016 deadline.  This project is picking up steam, and I think there will be more of these to come!  If you're looking for charity sewing or a good place to donate money, investigate the link above.
I love this Molly Market tote, and I love this combination of fabrics.  I keep giving them away, but only after ensuring that I have the fabrics to make another. 
This was a Scoop Tote by Green Bee was a kitted pattern at Craftsy on sale for $20ish and included 2.5 yards of fabric.  This 'crossword' fabric is a Cotton & Steel quilter's canvas, and I saw it at Quilters Quest for $22/yard.  SCORE!
A zip pouch still waiting to be made...
I'm putting the finishing touches on this Sloan Travel Bag by Sara Lawson.  I like this pattern very much and went to sleep last night thinking of which fabrics I want to use for the next Sloan bag.  More on this once it's finished...
In conclusion, a pretty picture of "My Answer is Yes" in situ.

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