Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lunacy vs Madness

The lunacy is me thinking I am going to make clothes.  I do this - or at least think it - periodically.  The last time was when my dad was dying.  I decided then I needed to make an outfit for his funeral.  Ha.  Yeah.  That didn't work out so well.  Maybe this won't either.  Craftsy had these patterns and fabrics bundled and on sale.  So this isn't a huge expense.  A couple of my guildsters are interested in making clothes.  I see some clothing hand-holding in my future.

But the madness is realizing all the UFO's I have tucked in various corners.   Like this Drunkard's Path that I started five years ago.  Seriously.

Or this Jinny Beyer Spectrum kit just waiting to be turned into something.

Not to mention the 2 Molly Market totes I have started.  Actually, these might take precedence since I have given all the others way.

AND there a WOW tote of five Trail Totes all kitted and ready to sew sitting next to two more purses for Zambia (those will be purses 8 and 9 with a February 1 deadline) and a Sloan Bag that I have kitted.  

Today is the first day of the new year that I have had heat in the studio.  So enough with the sashiko quilting and on with the real sewing!  It would be sad to not have enough to do.  But it is a form of lunacy and madness to have so much to do.  I'm so happy that I want to do them all!  I guess the lunacy and the madness is a good thing...

(I find this simple blogging is so useful.  Seeing these pictures and looking at them all does truly help me prioritize what I want to do first)

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Jennifer Lowe said...

Oh, those Molly market totes are super cute!!