Sunday, January 31, 2016

Turning Jackets into Totes

These are Arabesque purses, a free pattern from Sara Lawson at Sew Sweetness.  It's one of my favorite purse patterns - see the  Index on the right bottom of this blog.  While I would normally use Soft and Stable as the purse base, these purses are actually quilted jackets that I made - look at the December 3, 2007 and the March 17, 2009 blog entries.  The first jacket has traveled with me many times - look at this wonderful picture of me with two Turkish friends in the capital city Ankara.  But these two jackets have just been taking up valuable closet space since I haven't worn either of them in two years. So obviously deconstruction was called for.  This makeover has been very liberating, something I need since I'm gearing up for a new focus in February - more of this soon...
The straps are from the jacket.  So is the Exterior Pocket and the Interior Pocket.
These purses will allow me to continue to enjoy these fabrics in the most utilitarian of ways.
These sleeves will make perfect little zip pouches. 

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