Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sloan Travel Bag

This is the Sloan Travel Bag by Sara Lawson, and I like this one very much.  Diligent blog readers know that I am crazy about Sara's Aeroplane bag and have made several.   It's been my go-to bag for overnights and weekends.  However, I think the Sloan might be my new favorite.  It's larger than the Aeroplane, and I think it's more practical and larger, especially for plane travel.

There are 7 pockets, enough to keep even the sharpest person confused about where things are - one exterior zipped center, two exterior sides with magnets, two interior sides and two generous zipper interior pockets.

Purse feet in hopes of extending the life of the bag.
The use of Soft and Stable as a base for all exterior pieces along with a lot of Shape Flex interfacing gives this bag a polish and durability.   In fact, this Aeroplane bag to the left has been to Viet Nam twice and washed several times.  I traded this bag to Jenny for nail services.  Recently one of her grandsons caught one of the straps and ripped it.  I was able to fix it, and Jenny will continue for sure to use it.  I love this bag because of the fabric and because she has gotten such great use out of it.  I hope this Sloan bag wears as well!


Penny said...

Great bag. What fabric did you use?

Donna said...

This fabric is "Summit Twilight" from the Art Gallery Fabric "Hello Bear" collection of designer Bonnie Christine.