Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"Thou Hast It All..." *

 In Act III, scene 1 of Macbeth, after Macbeth and his wife have murdered King Duncan and Macbeth is now in line to become king, Banquo says to him:  "Thou hast it now - King, Cawdor, Glamis - all as the weird women promised."  And this is what John has to say about the new tables in my studio.  "Thou hast it all."  And I do!  My favorite handymen of the Handyman Frank organization reworked my flimsy cutting tables and have converted them into these wonderful sturdy work tables.  Both are 36" by 60" - the guys reused the tops of the tables I had.  My contribution was to buy sets of locking casters so that reconfiguring the workspace is a snap.  Above is the 36" by 120" configuration, so important when basting quilting.  Below is  72" by 60".  Notice the shelving.  The top shelf is perfect for tools and project boxes.  The bottom shelf holds rolls of batting and Soft and Stable!  

 My favorite configuration for daily work is this L shape - it allows me to work on both sides of a project, something this left hander finds a necessity.  I'm going to have great fun doing some reorganizating with these shelves.  About Handyman Frank:  brothers who went to the high school at which I taught.  Nice, talented, reasonable.  I for sure recommend them!

 (* The one blip is in this blog title is that I am still losing my hair.  Doctors whom I see professionally and personally agree that my body is still in recovery and healing from the events of August.  But for the most part, I do have it all!)
This just arrived. See?  I truly do have it all...

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