Monday, April 11, 2016

International and Local Quilters at the International Quilt Festival, Chicago

I often discover what I like by taking pictures of quilts that catch my attention.  The following quilts fall into this category.  All were displayed at the International Quilt Festival this past weekend:
In Carrboro by Chawne Kimber.  Check out Chawne's blog Completely Cauchy - she is the most thoughtful modern quilter and the absolute master of tiny piecing.  Each one of her quilts moves me.

Ablaze by Helen Scheffer, Quebec.  The power of reds and improv piecing speaks to me.  I wonder if the maple trees and fall foliage inspired this. 
Emilie Whispering by Kye Sun Yoo, South Korea.  The inspiration for this piece was a mosaic from a Klimt mosaic painting.  She captured the rich golds so nicely.

Bamboo Forest by Hong Joo Kim, South Korea.  The simplicity of these elegant lines and monochrome richness of the greys appeal to me.

Mysterious Letter by Noriko Nozawa, Japan,  reminds of Paginini's Variations on a Theme.  This quilter took one key letter, the Kana letter, and varied the placement, scale, and color.  

The Remarkables by Camilla Watson, New Zealand.  These tessellating triangles are based on a mathematical formula by John Conway and Charles Radim on 1994.  The two things about this quilt that caught my attention:  First, I have been in the Remarkables, a mountain range in New Zealand.  Second, that bottom border?  LOVE.
Gelmorodo IX - 1926 (Lyonel Feininger) by Katrin Schroeder, Berlin.  I like architectural pieces. 
The City:  Past, Present, Utopia? by Anna Hergert, Moosejaw, Canada.  Who doesn't love a tryptich?  But what really caught my eye was the design inspiration:  Austrian artist and architect Fredensreich Hundertwasser.  When my Chicago MQG did an art swap a few years ago, my partner Terri Karls used this same artist as her inspiriation! 
Rooflines #10:  Mountain Village by Colleen Kole, Grand Rapids, MI.  The colors of this piece caught my eye, and then I realized this is a quilter I know.  I met her at Camp Stitchalot in November, 2014, when I also met Chawne Kimber.

Meridian Hill Park - Fountain by K. Velis Turan, New York.  I love the low-volume of this winter scene.

Thus ends the international and national portion of what captured my attention.  Tomorrow I'll post quilts of the "local" quilters of the International Quilt Festival. 

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Jennifer Lowe said...

Donna, The Remarkables, the mountain quilt from New Zealand was my absolute favorite quilt in the whole show. I can't stop thinking about it. So simple and so amazing at the same time.