Tuesday, April 12, 2016

International and Local Quilters at the International Quilt Festival, Chicago - The Mod Squad

Today's pictures are all from The Mod Squad exhibit - open only to quilters in the U.S. and Canadian midwest. 
Survivor is by my friend Jennifer Benoit-Bryan.  I purposely didn't crop out the background because this quilt has such a big visual impact.  Look carefully at the word beginning with the V of Survivor.  Intentional for sure.  This quilt of Jen's is in the same category with the powerful quilts of Chawne Kimber.

Bill Stearman is a quilter from Ontario.  He contacted the Chicago MQG and asked if one of us would be willing to take pictures of his quilts in these two exhibits.  I told him I would.  So imagine my surprise when I saw his quilt and my quilt side by side in the Mod Squad Exhibit.  Like it was meant to be...

My World by Bill Stearman was begun at a Men's Quilting Retreat in Vermont and is loosely based on the disappearing 9-patch. 

This is mine:  My Answer is Yes with the fabulous quilting of Frank Karls.  See my blog entry about this quilt.

Leftovers a la Gwen by fellow Chicago MQG Laura Hartrich.  She is a young powerhouse of a quilter.

Deconstructed Lone Star by Amy Struckmeyer is one of fellow ChicagoMQG Amy's many clever quilts.  She is one of our many architects in the guild, and she just sees things differently.  Below is Amy's quilt next to my friend Wayne's quilt.

Atomic Age Color Study by Erin Davis, a fellow Chicago CMQG member although originally from Canada.  This quilt focuses on the colors and textures from the 1950's. 

QFF Rhodes submitted his Purple Prisms piece.  He insists it was an easy pattern - tumbling blocks variation using squares and rectangles.  This piece was in my front hall for a few weeks - everyone who came in the house was captivated by it.

 Enough of the Mod Squad.  Tomorrow?  Drunkard's Paths Exhibit! 

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