Friday, April 15, 2016

Meanwhile, back in the Studio...

 It's T-Shirt Season, and this is the second one.  Rory is an 11-year old whose father died five years ago.  His mom gathered these t-shirts - the black one in the middle with the sign language symbol is a special sign that Rory and his dad had.  It was bound in cornflower yellow, and his mom is excited to give this to him this weekend.
I have made slow but steady progress on these two new Sloan bags.  Somehow this fabric and this pattern belong together.  One bag is for guild buddy Jen, and the other is for me.  But I have a feeling my sister might need one of these bags.  So I did buy more of this yardage - I can't bear the thought of being without it.  NonQuilters, I know how odd this sounds.  Quilters, thanks for your understanding!

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Jennifer Lowe said...

Thanks to my extreme list making (see my comments on your Manic Monday post), I am making really good progress on my WIP basket. And I made a deal with myself that when I've mostly cleared it out, I am going to start making bags. All because of you.