Monday, April 25, 2016

Just another manic Monday...

It happens whenever we get ready to leave town: I get the heebie jeebies. That's when every project I am working on demands to be at the top of the list - or least on the list. And I have always found it very calming just to get things down in writing. That's what this post today is all about.  On the design wall is a baby quilt for next Sunday.  When I blog about the finished quilt, I'll tell its sad and fascinating involving the day my mom died.  I am using all the blues in my stash and love this scrappy look!

Mid-May we are going to Budapest and doing an Eastern Danube River Cruise that ends in Bucharest.  Right after we return, I must be ready for Glamp Stitchalot.  Preparation is coming up with a palette of solid fabrics.  So I studied my trusty Kona card and then realized I have all the solid fabrics in the colors I want to work with ALREADY IN MY STASH!  Go figure...  Except for a wonderful deep red.  And doesn't this fit in well with my continuing resolve to not buy any more fabric. I did think perhaps this might be an opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and work with some different colors.  But I don't want to.

This is a high school graduation t-shirt quilt for Nazarath senior Emily.  She knows about this quilt and wants to arrange her t-shirts, so I am waiting for her to come over.  The back of the quilt will incorporate a baby quilt that an aunt of her mom's made for her.  I need to get this to Frank and Terri's for longarming and then bind it.

All the parts for this Jinny Beyer Sprectrum quilt are ready to go.  The strips are finished and finally off the design wall.  I've done my math and know the dimension of the sashing and borders, all of which will be Kona snow.  This quilt isn't going to be gifted until December, so I have plenty of time.

 This pile of greys and backs and whites is just sitting here.  At the top of the stairs to the studio.  So I walk past it perhaps a dozen time a day.  And I look.  And I think.  I don't know what these fabrics will be or how many things they will be.  But they will be something.  At some point.  And it's great fun to think of all the possibilities.  Without embarrassment I will admit that I will regroup/resort at least once a day.  It's a great excuse to touch all these fabrics.  Fabric-enabler friends Holly and Sarah S were instrumental in the development of this grouping. 
 And this is one of those "don't ask" projects.  Last month Chicago quilter Sarah Nishuara did a workshop on Alternative Grids in  Quilting.  I was not a part of this workshop.  But somehow I wound up with the blocks created during this workshop.  So my next trip to Joann's will involve finding the same white Sarah used for the background of these blocks.  I'll do a sort of floating squares layout.  It'll be a great charity quilt.  Someday.

 These final two pictures fall under the "monkey see, monkey do" category.  Have you see this tutorial for a Scandinavian table runner from Sew, Mama, Sew?  It's a quick applique project.  Since I had some Insul-brite batting, I used it so that I won't have to use pads under hot dishes.  I love how this turned out, and it's on the table.  John doesn't like it - he thinks it's too light for our house.  Meanwhile, it's still on the table, and I think he's getting used to it.  Maybe.   Ok, back to the baby quilt...


raebethriv said...

Floating squares... good idea! Love the Scandinavian runner! Have a safe trip!💜

Jennifer Lowe said...

Donna, I am right there with you on the lists. I feel like the projects are literally swirling around in my head until I get them pinned down to the piece of paper! Lately, I've been taking it one step further. After I make my initial list of projects, I make another list of where I'm at in each project. That way I can group like tasks together. I know, this sounds super anal retentive and like I have just made quilting the opposite of fun, but it works for me!
I also love your table runner! John will get used to it!