Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

The whole time I was attending school and teaching school, Labor Day weekends were always painful.  I cried, I held on to the last days of summer, and I gnashed my teeth at the thought of a new school year.  By October I was always fine.  But changing gears was never my strong suit, and September was a month I dreaded.

But now?  I rejoice in the Labor Day weekend.  John is busy with the Chicago Jazz Festival, and it's my time to refocus my efforts in the studio.  I had my design book out and have pulled some quilt pictures for inspiration. I've finished up some Mors bags.  The coin fabric was on sale, and the ethnic bag is one piece of leftover fabric.  In fact, I gave my dad one of the darker coin bags.  Currently it's holding all his letters from his Honor Flight.  I'm glad to have the other ones on hand - you never know when you'll need some!  My Night and Day quilt is being basted and is almost ready to quilt.  And I'm still plugging away at the free-motion quilting on my India Whole Cloth quilt.

I've also been preparing a "hand" project.  Inspired by the Cathedral Windows design and some fabrics a thoughtful friend sent me from her visit to the Jinny Beyer Studios, I'm going to try this.  There's a lot of prep, and there's a lot of hand sewing.  I've gotten started and can only hope it's going to go better.  Not quite ready to post any pictures just yet.  Coincidentally a woman with whom I work out came in one day carrying this Cathedral Windows clutch.  She let me borrow it so that I could photo and measure it.   Happy Labor Day!


Cecilia said...

I love that coin fabric. Cecilia

Anonymous said...

Wow, did you ever cause a flashback talking about your past September pain. There was one job I had where I had that pain every Sunday. Now I know that's a sign to make a change. I'm so glad that's over for you.

Great bags! What a mix of rich brown tones. You truly have the gift.

I might have known you would do something totally unexpected with cathedral windows. I've never seen anyone make them into a purse before. They are simply very special no matter what they become.

Donna said...

JR, you give me waaaay too much credit - I just took photos of these purse. Someday I'll make one like it. Meanwhile, any project I do along these lines will be a cathedral wi.... because I'll never get to the ...ndows at the rate I'm going!

Anonymous said...

Impossible to give too much credit when everyone knows you're the Queen of Purses and Totes. :-)