Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas in Missouri with the LeGrand Family

This Christmas Christopher LeGrand will be making the drive to his family home in Missouri by himself. Normally, his brother Bradley would go with him. But Bradley passed away August 30. Because Chris lives in the Chicago area where Bradley lived, Chris has had to deal with many of the details of Bradley's death. As painful as attending to all these details has been, this means that Chris has had a headstart with his grief. This first Christmas without Bradley is going to be difficult. Grief will be strong, and emotions will be on display. These quilts and pillow made from Bradley's clothing commissioned by Christopher will be a part of the family's Christmas celebration.
This quilt is for Bradley's mom, Mary Francis.  Notice the pockets in the upper right corner - there are three of them.  In the center of the quilt there's lovely Fleur de Lis button that was at the neck of one of the shirts.
67" x 76"

Bradley's sister Linda is getting this quilt.  While similar to the one above, it is overall a bit lighter.  It does have that same fancy button right in the middle block.
67" x 76"

Both quilts were quilted in a similar fashion, creating an almost plaid effect on the back.  While we all know these quilts were made from Bradley's shirts, Chris wanted words on the back of the quilt.  I'm sorry my date stamp interferes. They simply say "Always with you.  Bradley C. LeGrand."

This pillow is for Bradley's Aunt Jane.  They shared a special bond, including one involving the grief over the loss of their life partners.  It is made from all the cuffs of the shirts used in the above quilts.

Christopher may have a head start on his grief by organizing this project from Bradley's clothing, but his pain is just as acute as everyone else's in the LeGrand family.   However, he has identified an important path for his and his family's grief. They will mourn Bradley's death. And then they can begin to celebrate his life.


Anonymous said...

Well, you made me cry (gulp). May God richly bless and comfort the LeGrand family this Christmas.

The quilts and pillow are just beautiful. You and Christopher did a touchingly lovely job of compiling them.

And the writing on the back...that finished me off. Because I know it's true.

Rose Marie said...

Hard as it may be for now, those quilts and pillow will be most appreciated as time goes on.

You did a wonderful job.

Palumbo1018 said...

What an amazing way to memorialize a remarkable man! I am a friend of Chris and Bradley's. His passing shocked everyone! I wanted you to know that the quilts and pillow will be a treasured possession of all that received them. I recently saw the pictures of Mary, Linda and Jane opeing their presents, and let me tell you that they LOVED them! I cried because I know that this is exactly wha tthey needed. What a great way to keep someone you love close! You are an amazing artist! i will be contacting you soon, I would like to have a quilt made for my husband of all the old Harley Davidson T-shirts he has. I wllok forward to talking to you soon!