Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wrapping Up the Year

Christmas Eve with the kids and grandkids in LaGrange Park and then Christmas Day here with my sister, her family, and our parents were both terrific.  John and I are so blessed with our families.  Today was a day to enjoy leftovers and to not get dressed - a luxury.  While John was footballing (Go Bears!), I made a quilted cover for my new iPad - a slightly bigger version of the envelope purse - and decided I would be very happy if I could begin free-motion quilting Moonscapes, which I started last September.  So I got busy, using words from Hecate in Macbeth (be bloody, bold, and resolute) to spur me on.
Out of the 25 moons, I have quilted 7 of them.  I'm not sure I like the effect - yet.  This piece is an exercise in relativity.  I'm using the same color thread for all the moon quilting, which is more pronounced on some of the the moon and their backgrounds.
During the next few days my goal is to finish Moonscapes and restore order and cleanliness in the studio.  Then I'll be all set for 2011!  But I've still got time. Maybe just a few more bags...

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