Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Secret of Elf Production

So here's what I did today - 3 MORS  bags and one envelope purse. (Really check out morsbag.com for the directions to these sturdy little shopping bags - it's a great web site and so many of us have fabric laying about. I can't wait until after Christmas to turn all the blue jeans I've been given into bags)

I know I'm productive and my secret is my husband. He pretty much does it all. Occasionally I'll cook, but more often than not he does dinners. And shopping. And laundry. And Christmas cards. And the Christmas Tree. I could go on...The two bags on the left are from an Internet purchase. I thought the pattern looked like wood, but as you can see it's really a series of rulers and numbers. Tonight we're having dinner at the Hugheses, and Ron is a master carpenter. An appropriate "murse" for him, eh? Midge is getting the fabric and pattern for a Carolina Carry-all .  The other MORS bag is from fabric that I think is beautiful and Christmassy, and I just wanted to make it.  Last, a little envelope bag - not Christmassy but attractive.

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Arathi Prakash said...

Lucky you! :)
If our hubbies help out in household chores, we can go on and on with our sewing machines! :)