Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Right on Schedule

December 1. Snow. Right on schedule. Ok, really - does this count as snow? I tried to capture the big fluffy flakes, but they were melting too quickly.  So, no.  This wasn't really snow.  Still, it's exciting to see the first "snowfall" of the seaon.

I love being in my studio and able to watch the weather. In fact I often have to lower the shade so that I can concentrate on my quilting. I'm running rows of quilting .5" on either side of the seams and also right down the middle of each row and column of blocks. Bradley's mother's quilt is almost completed, and then I can pin-baste and quilt Linda's.

I'm amazed at what a beautiful quilt this is turning out to be. When Christopher first brought out Bradley's shirts, I knew I could make something functional from them. But I didn't anticipate how lovely this would be

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Arathi Prakash said...

It is very lovely indeed!