Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not Enough Hours in a Day

My shopping - such as it is - is complete. My wrapping becomes what I've made, despite John's ability to wrap presents so nicely.
These are pillows I'm making for John's sister Chris and hope to give to her Christmas Eve. I have the 24" by 24" pillow forms. All I need to do is finish them! But kitchen responsibilities are calling - steamed cranberry pudding and hard sauce, mushroom barley soup, slicing the beef for stroganoff. And I'm having an attack of the lazies - this just might be a "blow off the workout and watch a movie" afternoon.

Today's a day to enjoy the peace of the Christmas season, despite John's having decorated my quilted Christmas tree. At least he didn't string it with lights!

Maybe there are enough hours in the day.  It's my choice to take a break from the studio!

Peace to all during these dark days of the Winter Solstice.


Nina said...

Hi there,

this Christmas tree looks wonderful. Where can I get the pattern, please?

Regards, Nina

Donna said...

This pattern is one I created myself,using 2.5" strips and a lot of half-square triangles. Email me if you want more to go on than this.