Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life's Little Chants

 It used to be "Papers to Grade, Papers to Grade, I still have lots of papers to grade."  Now it's "Purses and Bags, Purses and Bag, I get to make more Purses and Bags".  I much prefer my current chant.  While I do have one more commission with a Christmas deadline, that project is well under control.  So it's time to play with purses and bags. 

These little envelope purses (pattern available at Jinny Beyer's website) begin with an 18" quilted square, which must also be bound.
Each purse needs a strap that is 48" long before construction.  A magnetic clasp and 2 velcro sets.  So today was a trip to Joann's Fabrics, of course with coupon in hand.  The girls there know me, and one of them was kind enough to point on magnetic clasps that were on sale.  And the cording?  One of these I found in the Home Dec part of the store. 

With each purse needed fabric for the outside, lining, and binding, the fabric possibilities are overwhelming.  Just what  my studio needs - more piles...
 Here's one of the purses in construction.  There's a sewing line drawn in with a chalk pencil, and tucked into this seam is the purse's strap.  Then the 2 triangular corners turned inside out.  One corner of this purse has been turned.  A little bit of handwork, iron-on velcro, and some magnets finish the purse off. 
And of course there are always Mors bags.  This is pretty fabric but waaaay too thick for piecing.  But for a bag?  Perfect.

Purses and Bags.  Purses and Bags.  How blessed am I to be so happy making purses and bags.

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing fabric stash. I'm not going to JoAnn's anymore; I'm coming to shop at your house. :-)