Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quilting on the Faultline

I know.  People don't think quilting is dangerous.  But it is.  See Quilt Adventures - The Dangers, a post from last June. Bradley's mother's quilt is finished, and I only had to stop for bandaids 3 times.  The quilt for Linda, Bradley's sister, has been pin-basted.  So now I can do my favorite part of quilting - the actual quilting by sewing all three layers of the quilt together.   I love this part because with every row of quilting, the pins come out.  And as the pins come out, the quilt and the texture take shape.

Christopher is coming over Sunday morning to pick up these Christmas presents for his family.  I'll do some official photographs of these projects and one final blog entry before saying farewell to Bradley, who has been looking over my shoulder this whole time, especially when I was cutting up his underwear.  Doesn't that make you want to examine the quilts to see if you can spot those blocks?!

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Anonymous said...

This blog is getting risque. I'm afraid I'll have to withdraw my readership. ;-)