Sunday, February 20, 2011

Constructing Christopher's Quilt

Actually this picture is markedly different from the one posted last week. Here you are looking at 9 rows of a quilt - last week it was 63 individual blocks. So this quilt is well on its way. And again I am surprised at how lovely it's going to be. The picture below is an indication of some of the finishing details. One of Bradley's shirts was a terrific black-patterned fabric, and we are using that as an inner one-inch border. The outer four-inch border is going to be - well, we don't know what it's going to be because I haven't yet shopped for the fabric. Ideally it's going to be a cotton with a texture/pattern of navy and black. And the quilt backing will be solid black. Another one of Bradley's shirts had some terrific silver buttons. Chris is going to determine where they are going to go on this quilt - he's thinking along the outer borders and already has the spacing in mind.

Despite this being a difficult personal week with my mom in and out of the hospital, I have great expectations for this week to come! Some time with Dr Husqvarna is just what I need.

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Carol G said...

It's very cool how you left some of the pockets on! This quilt is going to be SO special.

Karen said... this quilt!